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4 moves to beat orange peel

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4 moves to beat orange peel
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Women want to look beautiful and healthy. Hence the daily care for beauty. The nightmare of many women is cellulite. This is a difficult opponent, because it tends to return. However, there are proven ways to deal with it. Skin care, on which there is cellulite, should be well-chosen, careful and diligent, and certainly will bring the desired results.

Action of creams for cellulite

In drugstores you can find many products that have properties that reduce cellulite. Each manufacturer promises a miraculous effect of the product. But are they really effective? Lubrication alone will not help us remove the orange peel. It can be slightly reduced, but to completely and effectively get rid of it, you need much more

Peels and masks and cellulite

Peeling is associated mainly with abrasion of dead skin, but it can also have an impact on cellulite reduction. You can start with an all-natural coffee scrub to make yourself. It effectively fights orange skin, plus it’s not expensive. All you have to do is use the grounds left over from brewing coffee. To enrich it, just add a few drops of essential oil, olive and liquid vitamin C. These ingredients will form a thick concoction, which should be massaged into the sensitive areas. For this treatment you can use a scrubber or a washing glove, which is often equipped with pips. They are designed to stimulate the skin to produce collagen and remove keratinized epidermis. This makes it easier for the active ingredients that are contained in the coffee scrub to penetrate the skin and have a better effect.

Most of the store scrubs anti-cellulite in its composition has coffee, of course, with the addition of other ingredients. They give the scent and color. Today there are many types of scrubs available

Sugar and salt scrubs are also very popular. They have excellent exfoliating properties and are supplemented with ingredients that reduce orange peel. Using these two preparations will also improve skin tone and hydration.

Anti-cellulite masks arouse many emotions. They have their supporters and opponents.

What is the action of anti-cellulite masks?

The mask is applied generously on the washed skin. Then the places covered with the preparation should be wrapped in transparent film and wait until the cosmetic is absorbed. Some packaging indicates that after use the cosmetic should be washed off and soothed with a soothing balm from the same series. Some masks contain an addition of chilli peppers, which warms up the skin and helps in the fight against cellulite. However, you should be careful with such cosmetics, so that they do not cause permanent irritation. The skin under the film will certainly become red, but after washing off the excess product, everything should return to normal. Using the mask regularly can help fight cellulite.

Treatments and massages

Sometimes orange peel bothers us so much that it is worth using professional massages and treatments in beauty parlors. We can choose treatments using radio waves, Chinese bubble massage, vacu massage. A specialist will choose them for your skin type. Not every treatment will work for example in case of vascular skin, which should not be excessively heated.

Not only specialists can perform massages to reduce cellulite. Several companies have appeared on the market, which in their offer have rollers, bubbles and brushes that allow you to massage the body yourself. They give satisfactory results. This type of treatment can be done wet and dry. To make it easier, there are several sizes of bubbles that can be adjusted to suit the particular area of the body

No matter what method we choose in the fight against cellulite, the most important is regularity and consistency. It is also worth eating healthy and write in the planner a few workouts a week. This combination will effectively get rid of orange peel and protect us from its return.

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