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This makeup is another fashion throwback to the past

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This makeup is another fashion throwback to the past

This time we go back almost two decades, to 2002, when a series of Bratz dolls gained international popularity. It is on them that the shape of the coveted lips is modeled.

In 2019, the #bratzchallenge was very popular on Instagram among make-up artists. Participants in this challenge took over the entirety of their image from the dolls, trying to faithfully reproduce, through makeup, the characteristic clearly defined thin eyebrows, huge eyes with colored shadows on the eyelids and full lips. Today, with TikTok, only one element of the challenege returns – the lips. This is obviously a more everyday, natural version of makeup. With this trick, we create an optical illusion, providing maximum lip enhancement without the use of syringes or a scalpel.

The technique, known as “Lip Wings,” is nothing more than a clever use of lip liner or eyeshadow and a brush. Choose a color one shade darker than the lipstick you’re going to use for your entire lip, trace the edge of your actual lip slightly above it, keeping the corners of your mouth in mind – don’t line them exactly, but move upwards to create your characteristic ‘wing’. Do the same with the eyeliner on your eyelid. Fill the whole with lipstick or liquid lipstick. Thus outlined lips are not only enlarged, but also resemble the facial expression of a popular doll.

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