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This spring, emphasize the natural shape of your eyebrows

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This spring, emphasize the natural shape of your eyebrows

During the lockdown many of us rediscovered our eyebrows. We gave our tired plucking, adjusting, waxing and tinting hairs a rest. This is certainly a good thing, as your eyebrows are now not only in good shape. They also fit in with the latest trends.

Styling your eyebrows is a very important element that shapes your face and gives it expression. What you do with your eyebrows can determine your entire look. This year, you will not have to spend much time on your eyebrows. Your natural shape and color of your eyebrows can at most undergo minor modifications, such as combing them upwards with a brush. This will give you an extremely fresh and of course natural look. This is what Hailey Bieber or Dua Lipa, among others, do.

Owners of the thin, well-defined eyebrows that were fashionable a dozen years ago may be seeing this trend on the streets again. It’s not about specially shaping your eyebrows anew with tweezers or wax, it’s more about adding than subtracting. Following their natural form and highlighting it, with a little pomade or brow gel, is the best thing you can do for them this spring

Straight eyebrows, in the era of heavily defined, thick arches, have certainly spent sleepless nights for more than one owner of almost completely straight eyebrows. The advantage of straight eyebrows is the impression of a larger eye and a lifted eyelid. Their huge fans are Korean women, this style is also loved by Kendall Jenner.

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