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Contouring your face with blush is not a hopeless idea

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Contouring your face with blush is not a hopeless idea

Wondering how to contour your face with cosmetics to emphasize its assets and hide minor imperfections? Draping is something for you! It’s all about contouring your face using blush

How do you do it so that you always look fresh and healthy and don’t end up looking comical because of an excess of cosmetic products? We give you a hint!

Make friends with blush

Many women look to the Internet for facial contouring inspiration because their methods of removing cheek fat have failed. Helping out are influencers who have popularized face contouring with blush on their social media profiles

Blush Contour, also known as blush, is an old-school technique popularized by Cher makeup artist Way Bandy in the 1970s, though at the time he called it “colored glow.” It’s about using blush as a way to contour and shape the face and enhance its unique texture

What world-renowned makeup artists are now emphasizing, especially on runways and in fashion catalogs, is the girly look. The draping technique makes you look rested and healthy even if you have slept through the night. A subtle blush on a perfect complexion is a symbol of vitality.

Draping or contouring with blush. Have you tried it yet?

Do you know what the main principles of facial contouring should be? Apply bronzer, blush and highlighter to the appropriate areas of the face. In the case of blush, you can use either a loose product or a cream product. The most important thing is to use good quality cosmetics, because otherwise you can get the opposite effect. The method of draping, which is loved by ladies all over the world, is a technique, in which two blushes – a light and a dark one – are necessary to contour the face. The condition is that they must be in the same color spectrum.

As with other cosmetics, it is important to choose the right shade of blush for your complexion. If you have a lighter complexion, pink and subtle lily tones will go well. The rule of thumb is to keep the colors light.

If you have fairer skin it is best to go for bolder colors, such as the classic sensual red. As a rule of thumb, a cool complexion should be matched with a cold blush, while a warm complexion should be matched with a bright and radiant one.

Steps of blush contouring:

We start by applying a deeply moisturizing cream to the face and neckline. Many women use a BB cream, for example, which is a good idea because it evens out the skin tone. Once the cream soaks in, you can start applying a concealer, which will help hide any imperfections. You should also choose it according to the color of your complexion.

Once you’ve dealt with covering up imperfections, it’s time to apply foundation to your face and neck. Some women are not fond of heavy foundation, so they opt for the BB cream mentioned above. If you belong to this group, you can skip this step.

The next step is to apply two shades of blush on your cheekbones. We start with the light one, applying it on the convex cheekbone, and next to the first blush, but underneath our cheekbone, we apply the darker color.

After doing this, we need to make our cheeks lift a bit, this is best achieved by expanding our lips into a smile. Then, holding your lips like this for a few seconds, use a powder brush to blend the two blush colors so that you can’t see their blending lines. If you would like to create a highlighting effect, you can use a brush with an illuminating dusting of powder across the center of your cheekbone

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