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Horoscope makeup – check which makeup fits your zodiac sign

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Horoscope makeup – check which makeup fits your zodiac sign

Many people read horoscopes because they believe them to be true. We can also turn to our zodiac sign to help us determine the type of fit we want…. makeup.

Painting yourself according to the horoscope? For many it is a complete novelty, and supposedly such make-up can perfectly highlight our strengths and cover up imperfections. So it is worth to know what the stars tell us!

Check your horoscope makeup:


Make up in glamour – bold, confident, determined and energetic, this fire sign shines with passion. If you’re the zodiac Aries, then you need makeup that blazes trails just like you, and a warm, golden highlight and melt-in-the-mouth eyeshadow definitely does that.


People with this zodiac sign should opt for makeup that is timeless and classic: reliable, practical, loving, and unappealing. Bulls prefer styles that are elegant and timeless. The minimalist combination of eyes and classic red lips is pretty, chic and will never go out of style.


Make-up to accentuate the eyes – something for zodiac twins: How do you make your look tender, interesting, intelligent and fun with make-up? That’s what Twins know, who are more likely to experiment with creative makeup. This is the type that loves to highlight the eyes in an original way, not only with shadows, but also with interesting embellishments, such as glued-on jewelry


Make-up is warm and natural. Cancers are empathetic, loyal and very intuitive when it comes to make-up. They love the ‘girl next door’ look. This laid-back, peachy look is cute, approachable, and perfect for their personality.

How to do this kind of makeup? Spread apricot blush on your cheeks (you can use the same shade on your eyes) and choose a warm, silky shade, such as peach, of lipstick for your lips.


Lions should bet on makeup that is enticing and captivating, “wild”, and to that charismatic, fun, confident and proud. Let’s not forget that there is a fierce lioness in every Lion, which means that the only way is a sensual, elegant look.

So if you’re a Lion, be sure to shape your lashes, pulling them outward at the edges for a more feline shape. Be sure to comb and contour your eyebrows, and when it comes to your lips, use a gloss (preferably a lip gloss) to highlight them.


A make-up look with a flawless line is perfect for Virgo. Virgos are organized, smart, hardworking, and thoughtful, so they are meticulous about their makeup. If something smudges or is out of place, they correct it right away to make it perfect again.

It is important to carefully contour and emphasize the lips and eyebrows. Even a stronger accent can add character to her makeup.


Make-up is deep and romantic for Libra. Women of this sign are charming, sociable, diplomatic, and tactful. The make-up to match their personality should be natural with a touch of romance. A well-defined, dark red lip and delicate, yet well-defined eyelashes are the perfect match!


This is where a make up with smoky eyes will be perfect. Scorpions are quite emotional. Smoky eyes make-up, or make-up of heavily emphasised eyes, is perfect for them – the lipliner is smooth and sharp but softened with a misty cloud of shadow. A sexy but sweet version of a classic!


Makeup in a slightly extravagant edition? This is a great option for Sagittarians. Women of this zodiac sign are bold, strong, ambitious and intelligent. They are confident that no look is out of reach.

Sagittarians love to experiment with their make-up, for example, by highlighting their eyes with neon-coloured pencils but applying a more subdued lipstick color. And it’s worth it for them, because this kind of make-up is just for them!


Make-up that is practical and girly. Capricorns are determined, loyal, practical and independent. They like to consider all the options before making a decision – and their make-up is unlikely to be too harsh or overdone. A lightly painted eye with a soft nude lipstick on the lips is a safe and best option.


Make up in an unconventional way is something for Aquarius. This zodiac sign has creative, perceptive and clever people. Aquarius is a progressive non-conformist, also when it comes to makeup. Although they are on top of trends, they will not let that dictate their choices. Rather than subjecting their makeup to rules and regulations, they are drawn to colors, textures, and shapes that match their mood.


Makeup that is subtle, delicate and very fresh is ideal for Pisces, who are compassionate, intuitive, caring and faithful. In this case it is better to avoid make-up that is too graphic and harsh. A soft palette of warm pinks and golds goes well with a subtle trace of eye liner and brightened lips – this will work best for Pisces!

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