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Makeup artist tricks to cheat the effect of short sleep

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Makeup artist tricks to cheat the effect of short sleep

A night spent working, insomnia or a crazy evening ending at dawn – everyone has experienced something similar at least once. However, you can’t always afford to make up for the lack the next day. What if you have to go to work or go to a family dinner that has been planned for months? To hide fatigue on your face, follow our simple but effective tips.

Caring for your face after a sleepless night

After a sleepless night, there’s nothing like hydrating your skin – not being able to recover properly overnight, your skin will need regeneration in the morning. If you didn’t take the time the day before, meticulously remove your makeup, wash your face and apply a nourishing toner to ease the tension on your skin. Follow with a nourishing essence or serum and then gently pat on a cream. Under your eyes, apply an anti-wrinkle cosmetic to smooth out the first wrinkles. This can also be a makeup base. If you know in advance that you will not sleep that night, use a regenerating and detoxifying cosmetic with probiotics.

Makeup after a sleepless night

Here are some practical tips on how to apply makeup to hide the effects of a sleepless night.

First of all, focus on hiding dark circles under your eyes. Choose a concealer that is one tone lighter than your skin tone. Don’t hesitate to combine it with a light foundation for a truly healthy-looking skin and glow. Apply highlighter to the tip of your nose, as well as to the corners of your mouth and under your eyebrow arch. This will allow you to look radiant while keeping your makeup light. To keep this “light” effect, your eye makeup should also be minimalistic. So avoid dark eye shadow and go for flesh-colored or light colors such as beige or iridescent gold. Apply mascara only on your upper lashes. Applying mascara to your lower lashes can accentuate dark circles under your eyes. Alternatively, apply a white line underneath your lower eyelid to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Apply a nourishing, lightly pigmented balm to your lips.

Eye shadow mask

If you’ve been up all night, your eyes probably look tired. That’s why you can apply a special fabric mask on them to smooth out fine lines and provide an instant boost

Vitamin C cream

When you’re tired (and beyond), you need to make sure your face is properly moisturized, and you should especially boost it with a vitamin C cream. If you haven’t slept through the night, your skin will certainly thank you very much for applying such a specific product.

Blush in a cream

Whether it’s coral, orange or a bright pink shade, the goal is the same – to highlight your cheeks with a healthy-looking blush. You can achieve this effect by applying a creamy blush with shimmering particles.

Pink Lipstick

Perfect for highlighting your makeup, pink lipstick will draw attention to your lips (and not your tired complexion and/or eyes). The pink color will not only improve the appearance of your face, but will also give you grace and confidence. This is extremely important to maintain a radiant complexion – it will also help to hide the shortcomings of lack of sleep.

Morning routines to remember

Even if you don’t shower in the morning, be sure to splash some cold water on your face and cleanse it thoroughly before applying your makeup. Then, apply a moisturizing mask and eat breakfast, letting your skin rest. This treatment won’t take long and its effects will be visible immediately. Do not hesitate to apply your day cream, gently massaging it into your face to stimulate every part of your skin.

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