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We serve up a recipe for long, shiny and healthy lashes

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We serve up a recipe for long, shiny and healthy lashes
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Long, shiny, thick and, above all, healthy eyelashes – this is the dream of many of us. We naturally lose from 1 to 4 lashes a day. However, as with everything, the better we take care of them, the better they will look. Check how to take care of your eyelashes!

Many women complain about the condition of their eyelashes. Most often genetic conditions are responsible for their overall condition, which unfortunately cannot be influenced. However, there are ways to help thicken eyelashes and add shine to them.

A well-chosen diet and adequate makeup can really work wonders. And it is absolutely not about sticking artificial hair. All it takes is a little patience, determination and following a few simple tips to strengthen your lashes

Fight for strong and healthy eyelashes “from the inside”

According to dermatologists, it is a balanced diet rich in vitamins A, B, C and E with a low amount of fats that allows you to get long, shiny and healthy eyelashes. What foods are worth eating?

Reach for almonds because they are overflowing with vitamin E, which effectively strengthens hair follicles. Eating 6 nuts a day will allow you to see visible effects after just a few days – thanks to polyphenols (organic chemical compounds) present in almonds, your eyelashes will stop falling out

To enjoy healthy and shiny eyelashes it is also worth introducing olive oil to your diet, as it strengthens, moisturizes and provides significant amounts of vitamin E

Beans, in turn, are a major source, zinc and B vitamins. Its grains strengthen, nourish and oxidize our eyelashes. There is also broccoli, which contains keratin – thanks to it the hair around the eyes is thicker, dense and elastic.

Discover natural ways to have thick and strong eyelashes

A method that will allow you to delight in a captivating look with seductive eyelashes, is to use conditioners. Their main task is to nourish and strengthen hair, as well as to stimulate their growth. Already after several days of regular use you will notice that your lashes will be longer, darker and thicker. Conditioner should be used once a day (preferably in the evening), applying a small amount of it on a cleaned upper eyelid on the eyelash growth line.

However, drugstore conditioners are not the only way. We can confidently use all home remedies and available natural remedies to help eyelashes shine. These include:

  • castor oil – strengthens eyelashes, makes them thicker, darker and more shiny. With regular use of this oil, eyelashes fall out less often and grow faster. To see results, castor oil should be used for at least 3 months;
  • almond oil – thanks to high content of vitamin E and B2 almond oil can renew brittle and weak eyelashes. It also stimulates them to growth and can be used by anyone, as long as there are no individual contraindications, such as allergies;
  • coconut oil – this natural cosmetic can also help us take care of beautiful and shiny lashes, which will become an asset to any look. It is important to use virgin coconut oil, because the unsaturated fatty acids contained in it strengthen the hair and promote their growth.

Don’t let stress defeat you!

Did you know that stress can also significantly weaken your eyelashes? Stress causes hair loss and does not spare the hair around the eyes either.

What can you do when stress causes your lashes to fall out? Apart from applying conditioners, you can also use home remedies to strengthen them, one of which is green tea. How to do it? Put a bag of green tea in warm water and then apply the liquid to your eyelashes using an eyelash brush. Such a concoction can be applied twice a day. To see results, the green tea treatment for eyelash enhancement should last for a month

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