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Do you know how to use a beauty blender correctly?

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Do you know how to use a beauty blender correctly?

Beauty blender is today one of those makeup accessories, without which most women can not imagine functioning. After all, with its help, our fluid is precisely and evenly distributed over the face. And while we bet you’ve had this helpful sponge in your hand more than once, more than once you’ve used it the wrong way

How do most women use a beauty blender? They take it out of their makeup bag, hold it in their hand and then blend the foundation they’ve applied to their face. A mistake? Definitely, experts say.

How do I use a beauty blender?

So how do you use it properly? First of all, you should wet this accessory. It is best to do this under running water, and then thoroughly squeeze the sponge. Why is such a move necessary? This will make the beuaty blender softer and prevent any excess product from soaking into it.

What’s next? Next, apply a little bit of the fluid to the top of your hand and then scoop the product onto the sponge. Then use this accessory to apply the product to your face, patting (not rubbing) the foundation in. Use the round part of the sponge for large areas of your face and the narrow end for under your eyes.

Remember that foundation and concealer are not the only products you can apply with this sponge. It will also do a great job of applying makeup base, cream, cream powders, highlighters or blushes.

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