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How to deal with nail biting? Here are some foolproof tricks

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How to deal with nail biting? Here are some foolproof tricks

Whether the nail biting mania started in childhood or later, it is often difficult to get rid of. Such a habit can even be dangerous to your health. In this article, we’ve outlined some foolproof tricks to help you stop biting your nails.

Where does nail biting come from?

There can be many reasons for this behavior, but it is important to try to understand them in order to assess the problem. Nail biting is often associated with stress, but it can also simply be a childhood habit, an activity done out of boredom or even hunger.

Interestingly, not only children have a problem with nail biting, but adults are more likely to fall into this habit due to perceived stress.

What are the consequences of this habit?

Nail biting is not only a problem of ugly hands. This habit can also have consequences on your health as well as your social life. Some people bite their nails until they bleed, resulting in sore and red fingertips and perpetually irritated cuticles. In addition, the transfer of germs from mouth to hand and from hand to mouth can lead to infections. Apart from the changing appearance of nails, biting also causes dental problems, gum infections and promotes tooth decay.

Therefore, it is important to find the right solution to help you get rid of this troublesome habit.

How to stop biting your nails?

There are several ways to stop biting your nails

Be aware of your own habits

First of all, observe when and where you bite your nails. Try to define whether it is due to stress, boredom or something else. Because there are different solutions for each cause.

Take pictures of your nails during the treatment

In ending nail biting once and for all, taking pictures of your hands at the beginning of the whole process will help you. You will be able to directly observe your progress, and at the end, you will be able to put together “before” and “after” photos of your nails. This will be much more motivating for you. Especially if you additionally put a picture of your healthy nails somewhere prominent in your home showing your goal. Look at them regularly to keep you motivated.

Practice self-control

Start by moving your nails about 5 cm from your mouth and resist the temptation to bite them. Gradually bring them closer until you feel comfortable covering your mouth with your nails. Of course, this exercise will not be suitable for everyone.

While some methods are gentle and non-invasive, they work with varying results. Since biting is often associated with stress, you may want to look for ways to reduce it, such as playing sports or meditating. You can also find an activity that keeps your hands busy and away from your mouth.

Chewing gum (preferably one without sugar) is also a good stress reliever.

Physically protect your nails

This trick is quite radical, as the goal is to completely cover your nails with nail polish, patches or gloves, for example. If you are someone who likes to wear gloves, this might be a good solution for you! If you opt for patches, change them regularly to maintain proper hygiene. You can also cover your nails with a thick layer of clear nail polish to improve their appearance and keep your nails protected and able to grow back

The most classic and proven method is undoubtedly polish. However, be careful not to get used to the unpleasant taste and start biting your nails after all.

You can also apply essential oils containing cassia cinnamon, which has a bitter aftertaste, on your nails.

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