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How to clean makeup brushes?

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How to clean makeup brushes?

Each of us loves makeup. To make it, in addition to cosmetics, the right tools are necessary, including brushes. These allow us to get the perfect contour of the face, make beautiful eye makeup and reach every place with powder. But did you know that regular cleaning of brushes is the basis of taking care of them and your complexion? Learn more about cleaning makeup brushes in this article. 

Why is cleaning makeup brushes so important?

Many of us do our facial makeup every day. For this reason, the brushes we use touch its skin every day. Therefore, we should take special care of their hygiene. Those not cleaned often enough harbor bacteria. By applying makeup with them, you transfer microorganisms to the skin, and this causes the risk of pimples and inflammation. What’s more, brushes that are washed regularly will last much longer, as there will be no cosmetic residue in them. And one more advantage of frequent cleaning – it’s easier to make beautiful makeup with these clean ones!

How often to wash makeup brushes?

Frequency of cleaning makeup brushes is an individual issue. It depends on how often makeup is done and what products are used. Definitely more frequent cleaning is required for brushes that are used to work with wet cosmetics, such as foundation, concealer or liquid highlighter.

It is recommended to clean brushes after each use, but few people have the time to do so. So it’s best to observe your tools and check what condition they are in. In what condition, however, they should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week.

What to clean makeup brushes with?

This question has probably popped up in your mind. There are special products on the market for this purpose. However, you can successfully clean your brushes with shampoo, soap or shower gel. It is important not to overdo the amount of washing product. If there is too much, it will be difficult to rinse it off, and this in turn can cause damage to the tools.

How to clean brushes?

To clean brushes, first wet them all with water. Then squeeze a small amount of cleaning product onto the palm of your hand. Apply this product to the tips of the bristles and rub the brush on the inside of your hand in a circular motion. Remember to wash the bristles themselves. Don’t let the water or soap get into the places where the brushes are glued together to prevent the tools from coming apart.

Rinse the brush so washed with water, then squeeze the excess water into a paper towel. Dry the brushes horizontally or vertically with the bristles down. Do this preferably in a warm place, but let it not be a radiator or full sun. If your brushes are made of natural bristles, you can protect the bristles with special covers to keep their shape.

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