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Does the eyelash curler damage eyelashes? We check!

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Does the eyelash curler damage eyelashes? We check!

An eyelash curler is a gadget that almost every one of us has in her makeup bag. We use it to curl our eyelashes, thus making them look longer. There are many myths floating around this device. Does the eyelash curler really damage eyelashes? How to use it so that it is safe for the hair? Get the answers to these questions by reading this article.

How does an eyelash curler work?

An eyelash curler is designed to curl eyelashes. The hairs are grabbed between its edges, which usually have a protective material on them, and squeezed. This treatment makes the lashes appear longer and look better when mascaraed.

There is also such a thing as an electric eyelash curler. This one resembles a mini hair curler and works on a similar principle – it curls the hair using heat. 

Mistakes in using an eyelid curler

The main mistake in using an eyelash curler is putting too much force into the process. It is important to remember that eyelashes are very delicate and it does not take much to damage them. The consequence will be that they will fall out, and the process of regrowing hairs can take a long time. 

Another mistake is to use the aforementioned gadget too often. It is best to use an eyelash curler once in a while, when you care about the wonderful appearance of your eyelashes. On a daily basis, it is better to bet on a good mascara and its application technique.

What should you not do?

Very often you can meet the opinion that you can use an eyelash curler on painted eyelashes. However, the truth is different – you absolutely should not do it! By doing so, you will make your mascara-laden eyelashes stick to the surface of the tool and, as a result, they will be pulled out. 

Do not use a lot of force. If the effect you got is not satisfactory, repeat the operation again, but gently. This will be better than squeezing the hairs very hard. As a last resort, before using it, you can warm up the hair sucker with a hair dryer. The warm gadget should curl your eyelashes better and for longer. However, do not do it too often, so as not to risk hair loss.

Pull your lashes out of the eyelash curler only after you open it, never before! This way you will also pull them out. Also, do not tug or pull. Follow the rule – the more gently, the better.

The type of eyeliner is also important

If you decide to buy an eyeliner, you should make sure that it is of good quality. Otherwise, you may end up losing your eyelashes. Make sure that the gadget you choose has proper protective rubber bands. They should not cause any discomfort. What’s more, the rubber bands should be replaced regularly, as they get damaged. The whole process of curling eyelashes should also absolutely not be painful. If you feel pain – you are doing something wrong, or you have the wrong equipment. Also remember about hygiene of the eyelash curler! Check it regularly to make sure that it is not dirty and that no cosmetic residues have settled on it. If this has happened – wash it.

main photo: unsplash.com/Estúdio Bloom

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