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The inverted cat eye is a trend you must try this fall

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The inverted cat eye is a trend you must try this fall

Cat eye is a type of makeup that has stolen the heart of many a woman. It is sexy, timeless and seductive. What’s more, it’s easy to do and doesn’t require expensive cosmetics. And have you heard of something like the inverted cat eye?

The inverted cat eye is a hit with influencers

This trend is quickly making its way into the good graces of the world’s makeup artists and influencers. No wonder, the inverted cat eye adds depth to your look and is no different in execution than the classic cat eye. The only thing you need to remember is to focus on the lower part of your eye

How to do the inverted cat eye makeup?

For this makeup, you will need an eyeliner pencil and a soft brush to smudge it. You will be working on the lower lash line. Use the soft crayon to draw a thin line. Then reach for the brush and smudge it. Use small movements left and right and up and down

What color pencil to use?

For the flipped cat eye, you can use a classic black crayon. You can also go for grey, brown or even maroon. It all depends on what kind of lip make-up you want to do.

In this type of makeup it will be a good idea not to paint the upper eyelid at all. This way, all the attention will be focused on the lower one, which is the main point in the inverted cat eye

Main photo: freestocks/unsplash.com

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