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Eye makeup for spectacle wearers – 5 golden rules to follow

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Eye makeup for spectacle wearers – 5 golden rules to follow

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Don’t glasses and makeup go hand in hand? Not at all. After all, the eyes of spectacle wearers are still visible, only that from behind a beautiful frame. We probably don’t need to convince any girl who has been wearing glasses for a long time. However, if you’re just joining their ranks, know that there are a few valuable tips to keep in the back of your mind when doing your makeup. If you skip them, you might unintentionally make your eyes look smaller. So what are the golden rules? Here are the top 5.

Consider how prominent your eyebrows are
If you’ve opted for thick, XXL frames, there’s no point in over-emphasising your eyebrows. After all, neither you nor the people around you will pay attention to them anyway. However, if you have thin and delicate glasses it is worth taking a moment longer to emphasize the arches. Keep in mind that individual hairs may stand out more in this situation, so it’s always a good idea to pluck out what you don’t need with tweezers before doing your makeup.

Match your makeup tricks to the effect your glasses bring
Glasses can either diminish or magnify your eyes slightly. It’s worth keeping this in mind when doing your makeup, as different types of eyeliner or waterline lines work in the same way. So if you don’t want the “insect look” use darker pencils and opt for smoky, blurred lines. Looking for a magnifying solution? Swap dark products for light shades.

Curl? Yes. Lengthening? No.
. Lengthened lashes can “catch” on the glass (mascara will crumble and spill). Curled ones emphasize eyes beautifully. But what do you do if you have long lashes? Opt for waterproof mascaras.

Use concealer under your eyes
Glasses cast extra shadows around your eyes, and if you have magnifying glasses, they will also accentuate your own “bags”. So don’t forget to apply concealer, preferably one that reflects light and hides shadows well.

Don’t apply too thick a layer of foundation
Nose marks, redness on the back and “runny” fluid. These are all things that glasses can serve after many hours of wear. To prevent this, apply (especially in the nasal area) a thinner layer of cosmetics and always have a concealer with you to cover up minor “gaps” in your makeup.

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