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Magnetic eyelashes: hit or miss?

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Magnetic eyelashes: hit or miss?

I’ve never been a big fan of false eyelashes, but every now and then it’s nice to add a few extra clumps and get a real cat eye look. You can use a professional beauty service or try your hand at it yourself at home. Recently a make-up novelty in the subject of eyelashes are magnetic lashes. What do we know about them and are they worth using?

What are magnetic eyelashes?

Magnetic eyelashes are divided into two product types. The first one can be described as artificial eyelashes consisting of two sets that are attached to the eyes by means of magnetic strips that connect the upper and lower hair fan into one. The second one is a set in the form of a magnetic eyeliner (replacing the classic glue) with which we paint a line on the eyelid and magnetized eyelashes adhering to the substance with iron oxides. Their advantage is the fact that they are reusable.

Can magnetic eyelashes destroy your real ones?

In the case of magnetic eyeliner, if you use approved products of a well-known cosmetic brand and, of course, correctly according to the instructions, they are very safe. With magnetic strip lashes, however, it is important not to wear them too long or too often. Otherwise, they can strain your natural lashes and as a result weaken them, break them and even lead to small hair loss. Once or twice a week for a few hours is a reasonably safe option.

Is magnetic eyeliner safe for the eyes?

Any products you use near your eyes can cause corneal irritation, dermatitis or allergic reaction, whether it’s magnetic eyeliner or regular mascara. So it’s better not to try it for the first time right before a big outing. Remember that iron oxides are quite unusual in the composition. It is better to do an allergy test if you are worried about a possible allergy.

What do we know about application of magnetic eyelashes?

Magnetic eyelashes on strips are a bit difficult to apply and despite trimming (because, of course, we can choose their shape and density and then adjust the length of the curve accordingly) they do not fit perfectly into the eye line. They shift and stand out, especially in the corners. They are also quite heavy and not very comfortable without the need to connect as many as two fans of hair on and under our natural lashes

Magnetic eyeliner, on the other hand, is definitely easier to apply than glue, especially if you know how to paint lines. As for the lashes attached to it, the problem is that they are not quite stable, they move around and do not stick perfectly to the eyelid especially at the ends. They also won’t survive strong winds – they might fall off, and certainly change their position

These are just our conclusions. It’s best to try these products yourself as they also have a lot of followers. However, we do not recommend ordering cheaper, Chinese products of unknown brands without certificates, because they can bring you more harm than good.

See the effect of magnetic eyelashes:

Try it yourself and see if it is the right method for you. We recommend these products:

See how the magnetic eyeliner works:

Maybe this idea is just perfect for you. Use proven products:

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