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How to paint irregularly shaped lips?

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How to paint irregularly shaped lips?

Beautiful lips are a dream of every woman. Those who were endowed with them by nature, are the real lucky ones. What if we have irregularly shaped lips? Just master the art of painting them!

Beautifully painted lips are the icing on the cake of any make-up. They should always look perfect, and not only when they are the main accent of our make-up. Unfortunately, a crooked lip contour or poorly applied lipstick can quickly spoil the whole, carefully done makeup. The easiest way is to paint lips with nude color lipsticks, that is shades of beige, light brown or subtle pink. Then the lipsticks lightly emphasize the natural color of the lips, blending with their contour. Unfortunately, it is much more difficult to apply makeup with a darker lipstick. And it’s quite a challenge to paint your lips with a red lipstick or a dark-colored lipstick.

A brush is key

When your lips are irregularly shaped, it’s important to get the lipstick right. But before you start applying lipstick, it’s important to get a good-quality lip brush. Choose a brush with soft, natural bristles. This cosmetic tool makes precise application of the cosmetic easier. We will also need a suitable lip liner in a color similar to the shade of our chosen lipstick. The lipliner perfectly fixes the lipstick on your lips.

How do I apply lipstick correctly on irregularly shaped lips?

As we mentioned earlier, precise lip painting is an art that comes with experience. So where do we start? First, we put a little bit of a lipstick of chosen color on the brush and we start to paint the contour of our lips. This is a basic and extremely important step because it determines the shape of our lips and whether they will be perfectly highlighted. We start from the upper part of our lips, then we draw the contour gently on the middle part of the lower lip, then we connect the contour of the middle part of the lower lip with the corners of our lips. Then, we connect the corners with the upper outline of our lips. When we are sure that the contour of our lips is perfect, we can proceed to fill in the whole mouth with lipstick. Then, we already paint the upper and lower lips.

It is also important which way we paint our lips. Sometimes, unintentionally, instead of the effect of enlargement of lips we can get the opposite effect, and this is because in haste we painted our lips without paying attention to the direction in which we paint them. To make lips look bigger, start with the bottom lip. Brush from the corners of the lip to the center. Similarly, on the upper lip, you move from the corners to the center and then from the top of the arches to the bottom and center

What if you have drooping corners of your mouth?

Many women with irregularly shaped lips have a problem with drooping corners of the mouth, and they ask themselves, “How do I color them?” The best way is to lighten the corner of the mouth with a concealer. If the shape of the lips is irregular, it is worth to use light-colored lipsticks, and only the center of the mouth should be marked with a gloss. And what to do if our lips are cracked? It is best to nourish them regularly with the help of conditioners available on the market. One of the best natural conditioners is honey, which perfectly rebuilds cracked and rough lips. A lipstick base is also a good option as it helps smooth out unevenness. It is best to use lipsticks with a creamy texture without shiny particles as these highlight the unevenness of your lips

Permanent Makeup for Irregular Lip Shape?

Many women with irregularly shaped lips choose to even out their lip contour with permanent makeup. Keep in mind, however, that this cosmetic procedure works well for women who complain about irregular and narrow lips. However, no treatment or external intervention can replace regular moisturizing of the lips. So, to enjoy a nice appearance of the lips, do not forget to apply nourishing preparations, including natural ones, such as the already mentioned honey.

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