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It’s time to dispel some myths about nails

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It’s time to dispel some myths about nails

Healthy, strong nails are very important not only for their appearance, but also for their original purpose, which is to protect the hands. Most of us don’t realize how important our nails are until we have a problem with them. Knowing the facts about them will definitely help you give them the right care and keep your nails in great condition.

The first and most common myth is the opinion that nail products, mainly gels and acrylics, harm your nails. Nothing of the sort. It’s not the product itself that damages the nail plate, but its incompetent removal. If you’re not very skilled at removing hybrid or acrylic nail extensions, it’s best to hold off until you see a professional.

The second myth is that you need to take several days or longer breaks between advanced nail designs to let your nails ‘breathe’. This is a very common phrase, yet completely false. This information may come as a surprise to you, but the nail plate does not need ‘breathing’ because it is already dead. Nails, like hair, are made up of epidermal cells, mainly keratin, which no longer need oxygen. The root of the nail, the part that is invisible, gets its nutrients from the bloodstream.

The third myth is the belief that soaking freshly painted nails in cold water will make them dry faster. This is obviously a false belief. Nail polish, in order to dry, needs access to air so that some of the chemicals of which it is composed evaporate. So dipping your hands in water will slow down the process of their release.

The best way to grow and maintain healthy nails is, in addition to eating a proper diet, to keep them hydrated. Nails suffer a lot of micro-damage during the day and the chemicals we use, such as detergents, nail polish removers and now alcohol-based hand sanitizers, damage and dry out the tissue. Moisturizing substances, which protect against water loss, are the basis of their care. All hand creams contain them, so it is worth remembering to use them daily.

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