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What manicure to do for a New Year’s Eve party?

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What manicure to do for a New Year’s Eve party?

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New Year’s Eve is coming soon, so it’s worth to start preparations slowly. Styling, make-up, hair… and nails of course! Learn about manicure trends and choose a fashionable and beautiful nail design for this year’s New Year’s Eve party.

Hybrid manicure at home – how to do it?

You can do a beautiful and effective nail design for New Year’s Eve by yourself at home. However, you will need a UV lamp, hybrid nail polish of your choice and other nail design accessories. After all, New Year’s Eve is preceded by Christmas, so why not put such a set on your letter to Santa Claus 🙂

But how to do a hybrid manicure yourself? To make your nail design look good and last long on the nail, first you should take care of your natural nail plate. First of all, polish it gently with a buffing pad and wipe it clean. Remember, however, to use dust-free cotton pads made of cellulose wool, so that no pollen is left. Then apply the base coat and harden it in the UV lamp. If you want to further strengthen your nails, choose a base coat with proteins. After applying the base coat you can move on to the most exciting, but at the same time most time-consuming part of the procedure, that is the choice of color

It is best to apply 2-3 thin layers of hybrid, curing the polish in the lamp after each layer. It is also very important to protect the free edge, so you can avoid chipping of the polish

At the very end you need to apply a top coat. Here you have also a wide choice – you can opt for a classic top for a typical hybrid shine, a matte top or a top with glittering gold or silver polishes. You can also opt for all sorts of nail art, such as stickers or crystals – it’s New Year’s Eve, so go a little crazy!

The most fashionable nails for the New Year’s Eve party

You already know how to create your own manicure for the New Year’s Eve party, but what style to choose? You will find many interesting inspirations on the Internet, so it may be a challenge to choose the right one. Here is our advice on what manicure is the most fashionable this year. Some of our suggestions, however, may be too difficult to do at home, so consider visiting a beautician a few days before the party to make sure your nails will look beautiful.

Shine at the party

New Year’s Eve parties are all about glamour, so a glittery manicure will be a hit. For example, a holo effect on your nails or a French manicure with glitter will look great. If you want your manicure to be even more glamorous you can also opt for nails with crystals. A nude base coat is perfect for this style, but you can also go wild with other, more expressive colors.

Classic black

Timeless black is also an excellent choice for New Year’s Eve. Black always looks great and goes well with any outfit. If you want to look extra elegant you may decide for a plate extension. In addition, a matte top will look beautiful on black polish.

The Louboutin look

A very glamorous manicure for New Year’s Eve are also nails in the style of Louboutin stilettos with red soles. It should be remembered, however, that this style will only work with very long natural nails or nails extended with gel. How does such a manicure look like? Exactly like the famous heels – the bottom of the nail is a luscious red, and the top is intense black. In such a styling you will certainly look stunning.

main photo: Analia Baggiano/unsplash.com

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