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Japanese manicure – do you know everything about it?

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Japanese manicure – do you know everything about it?

Japanese manicure rebuilds the nail plate. It is based on regeneration and care using methods applied in the Far East more than 400 years ago. European women are crazy about it! Can everyone use it? What secrets does it still hide from us?

What is a Japanese manicure?

One of the most popular methods of nail plate regeneration and care is the Japanese manicure. It owes its name to the country where it originated. It was once used by aristocrats, so that their hands were always healthy and well-groomed. The nails are smooth and shiny after such treatment. This immediately brings to mind a healthy plate. The treatment begins with cleaning the nail plate, to then rub into it a special paste, which in its composition has nutrients such as vitamins A and E, keratin, beeswax and silica from the Japanese Sea.

Necessary products for a Japanese manicure

To properly perform a Japanese manicure, you do not need to make an appointment to the beautician. Just stock up on the necessary accessories and products. First of all, it is worth mentioning two cosmetics for nail plate care: powder and paste. Secondly, you will also need two polishes and a paper file to mat the plate.

All products for Japanese manicure can be found in online drugstores or specialized stores with manicure accessories. The entire Japanese manicure kit includes:

  • a paste marked 1, which has a nourishing effect,
  • a powder marked 2,
  • a polisher to rub in the paste (in the same color as the paste),
  • a polisher to rub in the powder (also in the same color as the powder),
  • nail polisher for the nail plate,
  • spatula for applying the preparations,
  • a file for shaping and matting the nail plate.

Appropriate markings and colors are intended to facilitate the execution of the manicure.

How to do a Japanese manicure – step by step

  1. The treatment should begin with hand disinfection. The next step is to prepare the plate. You should remove the cuticles, give the plate the right shape and mat it. It is best to use a polishing block for this purpose. Getting rid of the greasy coating will facilitate the application and allow the active ingredients to penetrate the plate.
  2. There are two ways to do it – either apply the product directly onto the nail plate or use a polisher. It will then serve for rubbing the preparation in. The polisher should be moved a dozen or so times over the nail surface, with strokes in both directions. The result is intensely shiny nails.
  3. The last stage is to protect the nail plate, otherwise known as closing the active substances inside the nail. Powder will be used for this. With the help of a spatula we apply a small amount of powder on each nail and rub with a polisher number 2 (for powder). Use a fine brush to get rid of the remaining product. The whole procedure should not take more than 40 minutes.

A great advantage of Japanese manicure is a beautiful, nourished and hard plate. Moreover, the result is visible immediately after the treatment. The effect lasts up to 10 days. However, if performed regularly, it rebuilds the nail structure for a long time. It allows to forget about splitting and breaking nails.

Things to remember

Japanese manicure should not be applied directly after the removal of hybrid or gel nails. The plate is then weakened, and rubbing it will even worsen its condition. Painting nails with regular polish, just after applying Japanese manicure, is not recommended. There is a layer on the nail, which will prevent the polish from holding. We should refrain from any beauty treatments for 2 weeks

This treatment works well for people who have brittle and delicate nails. It will strengthen and rebuild them. It is a great alternative to hybrid or gel manicure.

It is worth remembering, however, that it should not be performed too often. Intensive rubbing that accompanies this treatment may cause mechanical damage. It is best to perform it every 3 weeks.

In a beauty salon for a Japanese manicure we pay about 70 zł. While for an independent set we will spend about 100 zł, but we can use it many times.

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