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Want to paint yourself for your wedding? With these tips it’s a piece of cake

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Want to paint yourself for your wedding? With these tips it’s a piece of cake

Some brides prefer to do their own makeup for their wedding. This way, they have full control over what products they use and what color scheme the makeup will be in. If you, too, are planning to do your own makeup for your wedding, keep in mind a few tips.

  1. Good skin care is the foundation of perfect makeup

Makeup application does not begin the moment you reach for color cosmetics. Even the most expensive and best-applied cosmetics will not look good if they are applied to bad-looking, dry skin. The key is proper skin care, which you should remember about every day if you want to look phenomenal on your special day

Remember to moisturize your complexion well – a moisturizing mask in a sheet will help you with that. Choose it according to your skin type and needs. A moisturizing mask will help you maintain a flawless glow and the effect of a well-rested complexion. A few days before applying your makeup, be sure to do a scrub to get rid of any dry skin

  1. Practice makes perfect

You’re bound to be stressed out on your wedding day. So don’t add to your stress with makeup that doesn’t work. A few weeks before the wedding, look for inspiration online and watch tutorials on YouTube to find a style and technique that suits you

Don’t be afraid to practice, either. Don’t worry too much if you don’t get something right the first time. Practice your makeup every night off and you will see that the end result will be captivating. Be sure to photograph your makeup trials. That way, you can see how it looks in the glare of the spotlight.

  1. Use tried and tested cosmetics

Wedding makeup is not a good time to test new cosmetics. It doesn’t matter if your mom, sister, friend or favorite influencer recommends them – you don’t know how they will react on your skin and if they will like it. It’s good to test the cosmetics you want to use beforehand. This way you can find out, for example, if the formula of a given product suits you and if it is easy to work with.

  1. Opt for classics

Wedding make-up does not like to get too crazy. The best choice of colors are bronze, champagne, gold, rose gold and beige. These are timeless shades that blend perfectly with your skin tone. However, if you like warm makeup and you are afraid of looking too pale, you may opt for warmer shades like antique gold, copper, peach or even soft burgundy.

  1. Use long-lasting cosmetics

Wedding makeup is meant to look flawless for hours. That’s why it should be done with long-lasting and setting cosmetics. This way you can be sure that nothing will “flow”. When you are finished with your makeup, it is a good idea to spray it with a fixing spray to make it last longer

  1. Don’t forget waterproof mascara

A wedding is an event full of good feelings. So it’s no surprise that tears of joy or emotion can occur. To be prepared, use waterproof mascara so your makeup stays intact

  1. Take along touch-up products

Even the best makeup can need a little touching up during the ceremony. To be prepared for this, don’t forget to bring lipstick, powder, and concealer. Mattifying blotting papers can also prove invaluable to help you deal with excess oil.

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