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How do I care for my coloured hair? 7 rules to follow

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How do I care for my coloured hair? 7 rules to follow
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Colouring your hair makes you look attractive and feminine. How do you care for your coloured hair to keep it in good condition?

Shampoo and Conditioner for Coloured Hair

The sleek look keeps gaining popularity because it is elegant, slimming, and sexy. Shampoo and conditioner with colour-protecting formulas will prevent the color from washing out quickly, and you will need to visit your hairdresser less often. It is also advisable to use a special hair mask once a week, which will prolong the life of the color.

Shampooing with a lukewarm head of hair

Another important issue is the temperature of the water we wash our heads with. A big mistake, which some women who colour their hair make, is washing their hair strands with too warm water. The hotter the water, the faster the color fades!

Colouring Hair Less Often

Coloring your hair too often weakens your hair and makes it look dull. Try coloring your roots no more than once a month (ideally every 6-8 weeks). Never do it yourself at home as it can be a real disaster for your hair.

Trim your ends regularly

Trimming your ends every 2-3 months will make your hair healthier and your color will last longer. Regular trimming also makes your hair more manageable and gives it a nicer look. Even if you have grown your hair, don’t skip a few shortcuts.

Moisturizing Your Hair

One of the most important steps in caring for your coloured hair is to keep it optimally moisturized. Invest in a good serum enriched with burdock oil to nourish your hair strands without weighing them down

Protection from Heat

Concerned about the health of our hair strands we should avoid hot styling, which makes them rough, dry and deprives strands of valuable proteins. If you can’t imagine life without using a hair dryer or straighteners, always use heat-protective spray. Remember to blow-dry your hair with a cool stream of air and not to heat your straighteners to more than 160 degrees Celsius.

UV Protection

One last tip for women with beautiful hair is sun protection. UV radiation dries out hair and causes the color to fade. It is therefore advisable to wear a hat on hot days and to use hair cosmetics with UV filters.

We hope that with our tips you will take care of your colored strands without problems.

Main photo: Adam WingerHire/unsplash.com

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