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3 makeup trends that are better forgotten because they are associated with bad taste


And while plenty of women love the hottest trends, many of them sometimes find it hard to imagine that the one they loved the most in a given season will lose its freshness date in a while. What can we count as overdue trends? We present three from the field of makeup

And despite the fact that every trend we’ve listed here should be long gone, we can still see them on Instagram and the streets. Is it a matter of strong attachment or maybe just not noticing the “fresher stories”? Hard to say. What is certain, however, is that by using these makeup solutions you take away your class and style. Is it worth it? Definitely not.


As if from a ruler, as if filled in with marker pen (although in reality with pomade)… yes, yes, each of us has probably at least once presented herself to the world like this. It’s no wonder, though, as it used to be hard to find otherwise styled eyebrows on social media. Fortunately, this fashion trend is now behind us. Geometric artificiality has given way to naturalness. So today, we only highlight the beauty of our arches with a delicate crayon or gel.


And although it’s hard to believe today, there were times when Kim Kardashian was a trendsetter… or at least a makeup trendsetter. It was this most popular American celebrity who taught us what contouring means. Lots of foundation (preferably in different shades), concealer (several versions will come in handy here too), bronzer, highlighter… and all you need to look classy today is some bronzing powder and highlighter. Remember that a completely matte face does not look good either. A softly glowing complexion is the desired effect


Until recently, the calendars of eyelash stylists were bursting at the seams. Today, clients are lining up less and less. And all because false clumps will never be as beautiful as our natural lashes. And thankfully, more and more girls are starting to realize this.

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