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Why should foundation be applied with a brush?

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Why should foundation be applied with a brush?

Many women apply foundation with their fingers. Is this a mistake? Not necessarily, but applying this cosmetic with brushes will bring many more benefits. What are they?

When it comes to makeup brushes, there are many available on the market. This amount often scares consumers, and as a result, they decide to buy only those models that are necessary for applying their favorite products. As a result, many of the girls do not have in their makeup bag a brush for applying foundation. And it is a pity, because the application of fluid not with the help of hands, has many advantages. What are they? Here are the 4 most important ones.

  1. A brush is more hygienic than your fingers
    There is a lot of bacteria on your hands and unless you wash your hands just before you apply make-up, you transfer them to your face. If you keep your brushes clean and clean them regularly, the risk of “soiling” your face is greatly reduced.
  2. Not only hygiene, but also ecology speaks for the brushes
    If you want to clean them once, you just need to use wet wipes. If you want to apply cosmetics to the face, you do not need to wet the brush beforehand. The conclusion? Water saved.
  3. Brush is also more economical
    How is this possible? Experts say that using your fingers or a sponge will always apply more product – both on the face and on the tool itself. When you apply product directly to a brush, you squeeze out less product.
  4. Brushes give you a more natural finish
    Foundation a’la mask? There’s nothing worse. But by using a brush you can avoid this effect. It’s easy to apply your foundation evenly and it’s also easy to blur the finish.

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