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Choc-choc skin is a new skincare technique that we owe to our Korean friends

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Choc-choc skin is a new skincare technique that we owe to our Korean friends
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Want to learn how to moisturize your skin in a quick way? The latest choc-choc skin care technique will allow you to enjoy luscious and firm skin full of radiance. What is the technique?

Choc-choc skin is the Korean word for perfect skin, which means healthy, soft, radiant and fresh. Choc-choc skin care is extremely important during the winter months, when the combination of harsh outdoor temperatures and central heating can cause dry, irritated skin. The choc-choc skin technique requires only seven simple steps.

Start with a scrub

To enjoy the maximum effect of good skin care and increase the absorption level of beauty products, first perform a gentle exfoliation of the skin. Exfoliating all the dead cells and proteins that accumulate on the surface of your skin and in the lining of your pores is an extremely important habit that should be done at least once a week. It’s a good idea to make sure you choose a product that will only gently cleanse your skin. Coarse-grained scrubs used too often and incompetently can cause irritation. You can use choc-choc micro peeling up to three times a week and your complexion will be full of radiance

The first cleansing

The first cleansing consists of removing makeup and cream. The skin should be completely cleansed, surrounded only by its natural barrier. So avoid wet wipes and micellar water. The cleanser can be too strong and remove all the important proteins that should remain on the skin. Instead, choose a DHC oil-based cleanser that requires massaging to remove impurities.

Second cleansing

The choc-choc skincare technique requires double cleansing, where the second step is responsible for deep cleansing the skin while removing any oil residue from the first cleanser. If you’re looking for the perfect cleanser, try AHC Aqualuronic Facial Cleanser, which has the consistency of a creamy foam. This product moisturizes perfectly while leaving your complexion perfectly clean.

Moisturizing toner

According to the Choc-choc technique, toners are not used to shrink pores or to finally cleanse the skin. In fact, toner is the first step to moisturize the skin and balance the pH of the skin right after cleansing. Modern toners consist of specially formulated formulas that infuse moisturizing molecules into the skin and create water pathways with active balancing agents. This prepares the skin to absorb all the goodness from subsequent choc-choc skincare products

Time for a serum

This is one of the most important steps in the choc-choc technique. Serum is responsible for a comprehensive solution to your skin problems, so it should be properly selected

Hydrating cream

Proper moisturizing from the inside is the key to keeping your skin looking beautiful. So you can enjoy flawless skin without makeup and your skin will literally glow! To achieve this state, choose water-rich products that contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory complexes while deeply moisturizing.

Moisturizing at the end

The last step is to seal the whole care with special oils. Choose a moisturising cream with oils that will not clog pores and will hydrate your skin even better.

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