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Dresses for the wedding – how to fit them to the figure?

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Dresses for the wedding – how to fit them to the figure?

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A dress is one of the most feminine pieces of clothing. If it is properly chosen, it can beautifully emphasize the silhouette. How to choose a dress for the wedding, to be well chosen?

First you need to correctly identify the shape of your figure, and then properly emphasize its assets. Most often four types of figures are distinguished. To each of them will fit different dress for the wedding.

Hourglass figure

It is said that this is the ideal silhouette. The characteristics of the hourglass figure are a trim waist, a large bust and hips. The hourglass figure can come in smaller and larger sizes. What is most important here is the proportional width of the shoulders and hips, as well as the waist indentation. A well-chosen dress for the wedding should emphasize them.

For the figure of an hourglass best fit dresses for the wedding, as well as envelope dresses. The latter are characterized by binding at the waist, which perfectly emphasizes the cut. On large breasts, a V-shaped neckline will work best. Ladies with an hourglass figure will also look good in fitted dresses, such as those with pencil skirts.

Pear shape

Slightly wider hips and narrower shoulders are characteristic for this figure. To “relieve” the lower part of the body, it is better to choose dresses that focus the eye on the upper part. If you have a delicate top, it is good to choose dresses with drooping shoulders, so called “hiszpanas”, which are currently very fashionable. As for the neckline, it is better to choose dresses with a boat-shaped one.

As for the bottom of the dress for the wedding, it should be a bit looser. Whether it will be a dress for the wedding for the mother or for the bride’s sister, or perhaps for the witness – it is important that the creation should flow around the hips loosely, and not stand out on them. With this figure are recommended envelope dresses and shirt dresses.

The apple figure

This figure is characterized by a protruding belly, often large breasts and lack of a waistline. Women of this figure type may confidently bet on dresses that create the optical illusion of a waistline. Often women with this figure have shapely legs, which should be well exposed.

The best solution in this case are empire dresses, or those cut off under the bust. If you do not want to expose your arms, it is best to opt for dropped shoulders or cut-outs on the shoulders. Rounder women do not have to wear oversize dresses. Whether you wear larger or smaller sizes, emphasize your curves. Slimming dresses are ideal for hiding figure weaknesses.

Rectangle figure

The last of the most frequently mentioned body types. Women of this figure are quite slim, do not have a waistline. With this type of silhouette also work well dresses that divide the silhouette into two parts.

The silhouette-rectangle is generally quite shapely, so it can afford a bodycon dress, that is, a fitted, tight dress. It is good if it will have a cut off at the waist.

A very popular type of dresses for the wedding, or princesses, will add volume in the hips, and the cutoff at the waist will make the illusion of an hourglass. Women with a rectangular silhouette will also look good in envelope dresses. This type of dress is the most versatile and will look good on almost any figure.

Regardless of which figure type you have, the most important thing is that your dress for the wedding emphasizes your assets. Remember that you should, above all, feel good in it.

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