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Eyelash and eyebrow styling – what does it involve?

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Eyelash and eyebrow styling – what does it involve?

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Properly emphasized eyebrows and eyelashes can give character to the face. Eyebrows and eyelashes can be styled in beauty salons, but you can also do it yourself. What is a proper eyebrow and eyelash styling?

Eyelash styling

Eyelash thickening and extension is a very good and, above all, comfortable solution. It allows to optically enlarge the eye and makes it unnecessary to use mascara for some time. It is also a very good option for all kinds of celebrations, such as wedding.

Eyelash extensions and thickening is nothing else than sticking one or more synthetic eyelashes to the natural one. The effect of styling depends on the method we decide on. In professional beauty parlours stylists advise on the length and thickness of the eyelashes that should suit the client.

The biggest advantage of eyelash styling is saving time during the daily makeup, as well as the beautiful frame of the eye permanently. It is also a very comfortable solution when swimming in pools and is also suitable for people who wear contact lenses or glasses.

Some stylists also offer eyelash styling to give an eyeliner effect. Eyelashes don’t have to be visibly emphasized to complement the makeup, and still the eyes will get a unique look. For beauticians, as well as for each of the ladies who want to style their own eyelashes, an online eyelash styling course was created. Without leaving home, you can gain the knowledge necessary to know how to beautify your eyelashes.

Eyebrow styling

The basic procedure for beautifying eyebrows is their adjustment. It can be done either in a salon or on your own at home. It helps to get the right look of eyebrows, which fits the shape of the face. This can be done with tweezers, special wax or threading.

One of the most popular eyebrow styling treatments is the use of henna. The main purpose of henna is to adjust and darken the hairs, which allows for effective modelling of the face shape. This treatment can be done by yourself at home, but it is better to rely on the services of professionals. However, as in the case of eyelashes, you can opt for an online eyebrow styling course. You can learn on it how to adjust the eyebrows to get the desired effect, as well as learn how to color. In addition to the visual effects, henna eyebrows strengthen and protect the hair.

Laminating eyebrows and eyelashes

Eyebrow lamination is the perfect solution when eyebrows grow irregularly and do not line up as they should. It is an innovative procedure that allows you to arrange and re-direct your eyebrows. Additionally, lamination regenerates and nourishes the hairs. The lamination procedure is safe as long as it is done by a qualified person. So if you want to know exactly what eyebrow lamination is online courses will allow you to explore this knowledge.

Eyelash lamination works similarly. Here again, the nourishing effect of the procedure on the hair is very important. The eyelashes are gently highlighted and lifted, which allows them to achieve a beautiful and healthy look for a longer period of time. Other advantages of this procedure are that it is easily available in most beauty salons and at the same time does not involve very high costs.

Eyelash lamination treatment involves the application of a silicone roller on the upper eyelid. A conditioner is applied to the eyelashes, which makes the eyelashes thicker and darker. After it dries, the dye is applied, and at the very end keratin is applied, which fixes the procedure.

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