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Fatal habits that will cause you to have more wrinkles

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Fatal habits that will cause you to have more wrinkles
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Wrinkles – this is something that every woman does not even want to think about. They remind of the passing time. It turns out that there are often more of them due to bad habits – check which ones!

Wrinkles are a nuisance for many women. It’s impossible to prevent them completely, but their appearance on our face can be significantly delayed. It’s enough to use appropriate cosmetics and get rid of bad habits that worsen the condition of our skin

Wrinkles – the first sign of skin ageing

When wrinkles appear it is a sign that our skin is starting to age. The first depressions can usually be seen after the age of 25. Later on they appear – for some people faster, for others more slowly. Their appearance is influenced by genes, sunlight, age, lifestyle and daily habits

Young skin is rich in elastin and collagen and contains a lot of hyaluronic acid. Therefore, it is smooth and firm. Over time, these substances are reduced, the skin becomes more flabby and characteristic dimples appear on it

Bad habits cause more wrinkles

Bad habits are also conducive to wrinkles, so it is worth eliminating them to enjoy a younger-looking complexion for longer. What accelerates the ageing of our skin?

1. Cigarette smoking

Cigarette smoking is generally harmful to our health. Aside from the fact that it can contribute to contracting deadly diseases, it also adversely affects our appearance. Nicotine and other harmful substances contained in cigarettes dry out the skin, and this makes depressions in the skin even more visible. In addition, so-called ‘smoker’s wrinkles’ appear above the upper lip

photo: Mohammad Faruque/ unsplash.com

2. Sleeping on your stomach

Few people know that sleeping on your stomach is not very healthy! Then the skin of our face is unnaturally tightened, which inhibits blood circulation. The skin should regenerate at night, and in this case, deprived of oxygen becomes less elastic and wrinkles appear faster. Therefore, it is better to sleep on your back or side

3. Hot baths and showers

Hot water may be relaxing, but if we take such baths or showers too often, we can get wrinkles faster. Why? Well, hot water deprives the skin of natural fats, so the skin’s defenses are reduced. The consequence is its premature aging. So it is worth choosing a cool shower, especially in the morning, which perfectly stimulates and firms the skin

4. Too many cosmetics

A thick layer of makeup applied daily is almost a certainty that wrinkles will appear faster. The skin is stressed and does not rest during the day. What is more, makeup is often applied incorrectly in the form of pulling and scrubbing the skin with a cotton swab. So it is worth betting on delicate make-up, and sometimes, when we have such an opportunity – resign from it completely

5. Washing your face frequently

Wrinkles are also promoted by too frequent washing of the face. Well, then the skin dries out more, in addition, its natural pH is disturbed. For washing the skin should be used cosmetics selected for the needs of the skin, and this activity should be performed 1-2 times a day. Also, peeling should not be done more often than twice a week

photo: Vitória Santos/ pexels.com

6. Heating

Who of us does not like to sit by the radiator, especially in winter, when it’s sulfurous cold outside? Few people know, however, that although it is pleasant, it is harmful to our hair and skin. In fact, central heating can be considered the enemy and bane of every complexion. The air, and consequently our skin, dries out. Therefore, you need to remember about the moisturizing cream and the right amount of fluid intake. And from radiators it is better to sit a little further away

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