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First it reigned in the 90s, then it went into oblivion. Today, the strapless dress triumphs again

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First it reigned in the 90s, then it went into oblivion. Today, the strapless dress triumphs again
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The thin strapless dress is an outfit that perfectly defines the 1990s in fashion. Princess Diana, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Gwyneth Paltrow wore unforgettable styles that captivated the whole world. Often, it was the simple, figure-hugging strapless dress that ensured that the outfit was admired by all

Such a hit, which revolutionized the fashion industry, had to come back into favor again. In 2021, the strapless dress will again be a hot trend that we will love to wear to parties and gatherings with friends. This is the type of outfit that allows us to look spectacular in a quick and easy way. Check out how to wear a strapless dress to look stylish in the coming season

Anyone who is even slightly interested in fashion remembers the unforgettable times of Kate Moss’ youth. The model was an inspiration for many top designers, who chose her as the face of their campaigns. The British model promoted many outfits that to this day have entered the canon of fashion classics and which we like to recreate in our own styling. One of them was a strapless dress resembling a nightie or a delicate petticoat, which was created by Calvin Klein. This look expresses the statement “less is more” in the best way, it is sensual, tempting and at the same time very elegant. That is why the lingerie dress is such a desirable outfit for every woman who wants to make a positive impression with her styling. It turns out that the biggest fashionistas wear this model all year round – in summer they put it directly on their bodies, while in colder months they add a turtleneck and stylish tights underneath. Here are a few tricks to make the slip dress a favorite part of your closet

Slip dress – find your unique way to wear a lingerie dress

What exactly is a lingerie dress? It is easy to recognize because it is usually made of satin or other flowing material, it is light, it looks like a sleepwear and it is usually transparent. Its trademark are also very thin shoulder straps, which beautifully emphasize the back and shoulders. Although the dress usually reaches below the knee, it has a fantastic effect on the senses, especially when you decide to put your hair up in a bun and expose the neck and neck. This type of dress is made to fit the female body fantastically, thanks to the diagonal cut technique, which allows the material to lie perfectly. This reduces the visibility of seams and fabric joins to a minimum. This dress is the essence of simplicity, and with the right accessories it can look fantastic whatever the occasion

How to wear a strapless dress?

A lingerie dress can be styled in a variety of ways. After observing street fashion and the most popular fashionistas, we can say that slip dress is worn in very different combinations. The most popular, of course, are the summer styles, when to the strapless dress we add only trendy sandals or other holiday shoes. It turns out that this model also looks great in the winter version, when you add to it a few warm layers. The flowing strapless dress can be combined with a thick knitwear, oversize jacket or leather jacket. You can also add a delicate shawl or scarf to this outfit. A phenomenal addition will also be patterned or colorful tights, which were a hit at this year’s fashion shows

The Underwear Dress and Street Fashion

Strapless dresses are more and more often seen as part of casual outfits. Over the years, this classic model has undergone many transformations, but is invariably an easy way to look great. It is undoubtedly a timeless dress that allows you to play with fashion and juxtapose it with different elements of your closet. This season we will often see slip dresses being worn in combination with T-shirts, sports blouses, baseball caps or heavy boots.

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