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Give your hair a colour sweep – a summer adventure without leaving home


This season’s latest hair hit, the colour sweep, has left us with no choice but to remember what baleyage was all about. And while it may seem that this way of coloring hair with several shades (sometimes not one but two or three colors) has become a thing of the past, today there is no doubt that it has inspired a new…

Colour sweep is inspired by the technique of applying several shades to the hair, but only one color. This is usually blonde or light brown. Brunettes in particular love this technique. No wonder, because colour swe ep gives the hair a sun-kissed look. What is more, this is not a very invasive colouring technique. It does not cover the entire length of the hair, as you start coloring the strands from about halfway through their length, possibly excluding a few strands for a more natural effect.

Color care isn’t demanding either. The bleached hair color matches the rest of the hair, creating lighter highlights. As a result, there are no problems with roots or stains. You can tell it’s looking better and better with time, just turning into bleached ends. Just like after a vacation in a sunny, exotic place, which, as we know, is quite difficult to go to these days. Maybe this solution will at least remind you of the summer freedom?

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