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SEO – the foundation of online marketing

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SEO – the foundation of online marketing
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Someone told You about the advantages of activities called link building strategies? Are you interested in WooCommerce SEO services? Is it enough to showcase Your business? Online visibility is extremely important for businesses, but achieving high profits requires some investment. One of the most profitable is to try an SEO audit in a well-rated agency , which can offer proven SEO testing or WooCommerce SEO services which you’re finding valuable. We can already say, everything’s possible but we recommend to check what we’d like to tell you

How does SEO work?

In order to attract new customers in the online sphere, as well as to maintain the existing base of recipients of your offer, it is worth focusing on issues related to SEO. What does this abbreviation mean? Its extension is “Search Engine Optimization”. By far the most popular tool of this type is Google, used by over 95% of Internet users in Poland. Positioners and SEO agencies focus mainly on adapting websites to the operation of this search engine.

The order of search results is determined by Google’s algorithms, which constantly analyze websites for content, keyword density, speed and many other aspects. What is more, their operation is constantly modified – every year there are several major updates and hundreds of minor changes in the operation of the search engine. This makes SEO a rather complicated topic, which includes activities related to the development of texts for the site, changes in the code and structure of the site, adjusting it for mobile users and link building strategies but it’s primarily part of off-site activities. These activities are only a part of a complete SEO strategy. Its implementation requires extensive knowledge of the market and search engine algorithms.

SEO vs. search engine optimization

Although usually the term SEO is considered the same as positioning, sometimes we can find some distinction between the two main aspects:

  • on-site activities – everything that occurs within the site itself such as implementation of CMS, for example WooCommerce SEO services, which is the main element of SEO;
  • off-site activities – activities that also include other sites, link building strategies. According to some stricter definitions, only these processes are considered SEO.

Regardless of which definition we adopt, the goal of both groups of activities is the same: to ensure the highest possible position of a given website in search results. This is quite a challenge when we want to act without external support. It is worth betting on the services of experienced SEO agencies – the companies with the longest experience on the Polish market include iCEA Group with its headquarters in Poznań.

What are SEO tests?

Situation of each website and company is slightly different, which enforces different approaches to the positioning process. For example, an SEO audit for an online store looks completely different than for a website of a local company that wants to gain clients mainly from a given region. In order to assess which activities give the biggest effect in a given case, at the beginning of cooperation with an agency one should conduct a SEO audit. It is also worth controlling the results on an ongoing basis through SEO tests. Such actions allow verifying the impact of changes on the website position and constantly adjusting the strategy.

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  • Jane Stone 22.07.2022

    I also think that SEO activities should be adjusted to the needs of the company. When I started positioning I didn’t know what local SEO is. Therefore all my activities have been targeted at clients from all over the country even though I run a local business. That is why I had problem with visibility in search result. It was only when I focused on clients from my region that I saw the effects of my actions.