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What makeup to wear to a holiday garden party?

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What makeup to wear to a holiday garden party?

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The vacations are a time for rest and relaxation. Do you have a garden party coming up? See what make-up is right for the occasion!

In the summertime we make changes to our make-up. Because of the high temperatures, heavy foundations and mascaras should be changed for ones with a lighter consistency. Vacations are also the time to experiment with colors in your makeup.


Long and thick eyelashes are the way to a beautiful and deep look. Increasingly popular are eyelash extensions, which will provide length and volume for a long time Noble Lashes has a variety of different types of lashes and accessories needed to put them on and take them off.

Garden party is the perfect opportunity to go crazy with colors. So why not bet on colored eyelashes? On the website https://noblelashes.pl/rzesy-l/ you will find a wide selection of coloured lashes in palettes. It is up to you what color you decide on. You can choose from pink, green, orange and white among others.

If you opt for extended eyelashes, to take them off you will need removers for lashes. With them you can safely remove the lashes, taking care of the condition of your eyes.

Accentuate your tan

To add some shine to your makeup and emphasize your tan, get a highlighter and a bronzer. They’ll help you emphasize your facial contours and give even the most subdued makeup look a boost. Apply a bit of bronzer under your cheekbones, on your chin, forehead and nose. This will make your face look slimmer and your tan will be more visible and accentuated.

Home SPA before going out

The basis of beautiful makeup is well-groomed skin. Therefore, before you apply makeup, take care of your skin. Take the time before going out to prepare your face. A good idea is any masks, for example, in a sheet, especially those enriched with valuable nutrients.

Eyebrow makeup

Properly emphasized eyebrows are one of the most important elements of eye makeup. In recent years, naturally emphasized eyebrows are in fashion. It does not take much time and the effect can be really impressive. The choice of products for eyebrow makeup is large. Depending on what you prefer to wear, you may choose a liner, powder or wax. However, remember not to overdo it with too much eyebrow makeup because it can look unnatural.

Color on Your Eyelids

Outdoor holiday parties are the perfect opportunity to go for a makeup look full of color. Don’t be afraid of strong, saturated colors and glitter. You can opt for colored eyeliner to add a graceful and carefree touch to your makeup.

Color is very trendy in eye makeup this season. The more expressive the better. Go for orange and yellow colors, mix them with slightly softer shades of blue and pink for a great effect. Double lines and geometric finishes are also becoming more and more popular.

Accentuate your eye color

The safest eye shadow colors for blue eyes are mainly pinks, browns and golds. However, if you want to go more wild with your makeup, try shadows in orange shades. The colors that will bring out the color of the iris will be: gold, dark pink, purple, salmon.

Almost all eye shadow colors are suitable for brown and peony eyes. Violet, pink, green and blue eye shadows will emphasize such eye color. For contrast and to bring out the color of the iris you may also choose gold.

Green irises can be emphasized with purple, pink, burgundy or orange eye shadows. You can contrast beautifully with violet, purple and orange shadows: violet, purple and red.

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