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Waterless cosmetics – is this our future?

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Waterless cosmetics – is this our future?

Cosmetics that do not contain water in their composition are becoming increasingly popular. We decide on them for care reasons, but also for ecological reasons – these products are much more friendly to our planet. But what is really behind the phrase “waterless cosmetics” and are they really the innovative products of the future?

Is water in cosmetics harmful?

Before we look at waterless cosmetics, let’s find out why water is added to the products we use at all.

Water is a great filter for cosmetics – it’s cheap and prevents contaminants from forming. Unfortunately, it is also an ideal environment for bacteria to grow

While it may seem that water-based cosmetics moisturize our skin, the opposite may actually be true – it has been proven that water can contribute to dry skin and hair. When it evaporates, the accompanying emulsifiers, fragrances and dyes can irritate and thus even contribute to the formation of skin lesions

We should also not forget that cosmetics containing water in their composition may have a negative impact on our environment. Adding water to the product makes the cosmetic thinner, which means that it wears out faster. Such products are also less effective. So we buy more and more of them and throw the old plastic packaging into the garbage. In this way, we generate an enormous amount of waste

Waterless cosmetics – a hope for the future

The idea of creating waterless cosmetics was born in South Korea. Initially, it was intended to improve the effect of the product on the skin. The idea met with great approval, both among brands producing cosmetics on a mass scale and luxury companies. Waterless cosmetics are considered to be more ecological, although unfortunately not ideal – in the entire stage of production it is impossible to avoid using at least a minimal amount of water.

What do waterless cosmetics look like?

Waterless cosmetics can take many different forms. Most often they are packaged in ecological boxes to minimize the use of plastic. Their concentrated form makes them stronger and last longer. They are smaller, lighter and easier to transport


Although soap is the oldest man-made cosmetic, the traditional bar has given way to liquid soaps. Today, however, it is back in favor again. In this form we can find all kinds of soaps, which are easy to use and do not soften too quickly in contact with water.


Traditional bar soap is not suitable for everyone because of its alkaline pH. Syndets, which are synthetic detergents, may be an alternative. These are also in bar form, but their pH is already between 5 and 7.

Shampoos and conditioners

More and more often you can find shampoos and conditioners in cubes on drugstore shelves. The shampoos and conditioners you buy should contain moisturizing agents, which will prevent your scalp from drying out


Both face wash and toothpaste products can be obtained in powder form. Before using it, you only need to mix it with water to fully enjoy the properties of the product

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