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What do you do to keep your hair soft and shiny?

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What do you do to keep your hair soft and shiny?
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Wondering what to do to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny? In this article, we tell you what to look out for during your daily hair care routine.

Hair Care Tip: If you want soft and shiny hair, pay attention to your diet, the ingredients in your cosmetics, and your hair care techniques.

It’s worthwhile for you to tailor your hair care to the condition of your hair and its needs for the time of year. In the fall, hair is no longer exposed to sunlight and does not need much UV protection, but it may require deep moisturizing. The low temperatures make us reach for the hair dryer more often, squeeze our hair under hats and scarves and many of us complain about increased hair loss. It is worthwhile for you to take care of your nutrition, look at the composition of the cosmetics you choose and the techniques you use in your daily hair care routine. Sometimes, small changes like shampoo or the way you apply oil can make a big difference in the health of your hair.

Start Taking Care of Your Hair from the Inside Out

Your diet has a big influence on the condition of your skin and hair. Enrich your diet with products containing zinc, iron or protein. Walnuts, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, lentils or flaxseed are good choices to start with. If you cut down on sweets and processed foods and stay hydrated, you will quickly notice an improvement in your hair’s condition

Be Gentle

Preparing your hair for treatment is key, so pay attention to how you treat your hair. If your hair is tangled and dry, perhaps your scalp wasn’t cleansed well enough during your home care routine. You can do a scalp scrub once a week to remove dead skin and impurities. This will leave your hair better conditioned and more lifted at the roots

Remember to run a brush through your hair before wetting it and applying shampoo. This will distribute the shampoo evenly and give you a better finish. Also pay attention to the styling accessories you use. The right brush, for example one with ionic properties, can prevent frizz and static.

Reach for natural formulas

It is not a well-known fact today that the composition of cosmetics matters. If you want your hair to be smooth, shiny and disciplined, choose products containing argan oil, avocado oil or olive oil. These ingredients will add shine to your hair and make even the most unruly strands easier to style. Today, you can find many products on the market that contain oils of natural origin. One of the leading shampoos is moroccanoil shampooone of the leading shampoos that moisturizes and makes hair softer and silkier.

Work on your technique

Washing your hair every day is very drying for your scalp. It is better to limit your shampooing to 3-4 times a week. This will save you time and your hair will become stronger and more nourished.

Using a flat or curling iron also has a negative effect on your hair structure. It is sometimes best to forego styling tools and opt for soft waves using Velcro rollers. Sometimes, it is best not to use heavy conditioners or oils directly on your scalp. If you want to add shine, simply apply products to the ends.

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