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Banana, rice, or maybe bamboo powder – which powder will be right for your skin?

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Banana, rice, or maybe bamboo powder – which powder will be right for your skin?

Powder is a basic cosmetic that can be found in every woman’s makeup bag. Currently, more and more women rely on banana, rice or bamboo powder. What distinguishes these products and what skin type are they designed for?

Powder is one of the basic cosmetics used by women. We use it to mattify the so called T-zone, finish make-up or contour the face. Currently on the market are hundreds, if not thousands of different specifications. So which one to choose? Nowadays rice, banana and bamboo powders are becoming more and more popular. What makes them different and what kind of complexion are they designed for? It’s worth knowing, because according to make-up artists these products will be a real make-up hit in the coming seasons!

Banana Powder – for olive and breakfast complexions

Banana powder is the perfect product for women who want a natural-looking, seamless finish to their makeup. It was unknown until recently, but now it can be found in every good drugstore and is used by makeup artists and cosmetic enthusiasts

Banana powder has a yellowish tint, which is why it is best suited to women with a combination of olive and brownish complexions. And don’t worry – it does not tint your complexion yellow! But it perfectly neutralizes all kinds of redness and gives your skin a luminous glow. It perfectly conceals dark circles under the eyes and any bruises and gives a half-transparent effect. The cosmetic can also be used as a base, which effectively masks imperfections even on very problematic complexions. Some ladies use it as a substitute for concealer and apply it spot on. What’s interesting, banana powder can also be used to fix make-up; just apply it lightly with a brush on your foundation

When buying banana powder it’s worth to pay attention to its composition – it should be as simple and very short as possible. Then you can be sure that it will have a good effect on your skin

photo: Dids/ pexels.com

Rice powder – fixes, smooths and mattifies

Rice powder is highly valued among Asian women who use it for many years. It is made from grains of seed rice. It is a transparent powder, we can find it in loose form and in the form of a stone. It perfectly fixes make-up, smoothes and mats the complexion. It can be used both in summer and winter, it is light and blends perfectly into the skin, evening out its color. This powder is an ideal choice for people with problematic skin, because it helps in the fight against imperfections, e.g. by reducing sebum production. If it has in its composition bisabolol – it soothes and calms. Additionally, it makes the face look healthy and radiant. This cosmetic is recommended especially for women with acne-prone, oily and tired skin

A good quality rice powder is a hypoallergenic product, it should not contain any parabens, talc or other chemical substances that can sensitize and irritate the skin

Rice powder can be used as a base for makeup or as a finishing cosmetic. It is most easily applied with a brush or wet sponge.

Bamboo powder for oily and combination skin

Rice powder or bamboo powder? Owners of oily and combination skin should definitely reach for the second option. Its appearance and function are similar to rice powder. It is available in a pressed and loose version. It absorbs sebum perfectly, leaving the skin matt for a long time. It is especially useful in summer, when temperatures are high and skin sweats more easily

Bamboo powder is made from bamboo tree and is completely natural. In its composition you will not find any chemical additives that could cause allergies and redness. It also has a soothing, antibacterial effect and supports the treatment of skin inflammations.

Bamboo powder is best applied with a large, hairy and soft brush. Then it looks most natural and blends perfectly into the skin.

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